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born Miguel Gregorio Antonio Francisco Ignacio HIDALGO Y COSTILLA Y GALLAGA MANDARTE VILLASENOR

New Spanish Roman Catholic priest, a leader of the Mexican War of Independence, and recognized as the Father of the Nation

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Born: on May 08, 1753 in Hacienda de Corralejo, Intendencia de Guanajuato, Nueva España, Mexico
Died: on July 30, 1811 in Chihuahua, Nueva Vizcaya, Nueva España, Mexico


Hidalgo was the second-born child of Don Cristóbal Hidalgo y Costilla and Doña Ana María Gallaga Mandarte Villaseñor. Hidalgo was born a criollo. Both of Hidalgo's parents were descended from well-respected families within the criollo community. Hidalgo's father was an hacienda manager in Valladolid, Michoacán, where Hidalgo spent the majority of his life. Eight days after his birth, Hidalgo was baptized into the Roman Catholic faith in the parish church of Cuitzeo de los Naranjos. Hidalgo's parents had three other sons; José Joaquín, Manuel Mariano, and José María, before their mother died when Hildalgo was nine years old. A step brother named Mariano was born later.

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