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Chilean Michelle BACHELET

born Verónica Michelle BACHELET JERIA

President of Chile

Source :  Bernadette GUIGNOT

Born: on September 29, 1951 in Santiago, Chile  (69 years)


Michelle Bachelet was born as the second child of archaeologist Ángela Jeria Gómez and Air Force Brigadier General Alberto Bachelet Martínez. Her paternal great-great-grandfather, Louis-Joseph Bachelet Lapierre, was a French wine merchant from Chassagne-Montrachet who emigrated to Chile with his Parisian wife, Françoise Jeanne Beault, in 1860 hired as a wine-making expert by the Subercaseaux vineyards, located in southern Santiago. Bachelet Lapierre's son, Germán—Michelle Bachelet's great-grandfather—, was born in Santiago in 1862 and married in 1891 to Luisa Brandt Cadot, a Chilean of French-Swiss origin, giving birth in 1894 to Michelle Bachelet's grandfather Alberto Bachelet Brandt.

Her maternal great-grandfather, Máximo Jeria Chacón, of Greek ancestry, was the first person to receive a degree in agronomic engineering in Chile and founded several agronomy schools in the country. He married Lely Johnson, the daughter of an English physician working in the country. Their son, Máximo Jeria Johnson, married Angela Gómez Zamora, and gave birth to Michelle Bachelet's mother, Ángela Margarita in 1926.

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