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  • EnglishMaurice GIBB

    Musician, singer-songwriter and record[...]

    (1949 - 2003)
    Maurice GIBB
  • AmericanLionel RICHIE

    American singer-songwriter, musician and[...]

    Lionel RICHIE
  • EnglishJohn BONHAM

    English musician and songwriter, best known[...]

    (1948 - 1980)
    John BONHAM
  • ScottishLULU

    Scottish singer-songwriter

  • EnglishOlivia NEWTON-JOHN

    English-Australian singer, songwriter,[...]

    Olivia NEWTON-JOHN
  • AmericanStevie NICKS

    American singer-songwriter, best known for[...]

    Stevie NICKS
  • AmericanAlice COOPER

    American singer, songwriter, musician, and[...]

    Alice COOPER
  • AmericanIggy POP

    American singer-songwriter, musician, and actor

    Iggy POP
  • AmericanEmmylou HARRIS

    American singer, songwriter, and musician

    Emmylou HARRIS
  • AmericanDon HENLEY

    American singer-songwriter, producer, drummer[...]

    Don HENLEY

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