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Born: on July 12, 1937


American comedian, actor, author, television producer, musician and activist

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Sunday July 12, 2020 - Name Day: Bud, Jason, Jay, Oscar, Osvaldo, Oswald, Waldo

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Actor - Singer & Musician


AmericanLIBERACE born Wladziu Valentino LIBERACE

1919 - 1987
American pianist, singer and actor

Wladziu Valentino Liberace (known as "Lee" to his friends and "Walter" to family) was born in West Allis, Wisconsin, on May 16, 1919. His father, Salvatore ("Sam") Liberace (December 9, 1885 – April 1, 1977), was an immigrant from Formia in[...]

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Author - Lawyer, judge


AmericanJack POPE born Andrew Jackson POPE

1913 - 2017
American judge, attorney, author and legal scholar who served as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Texas

Pope was born in Abilene, Texas to Dr. Andrew Jackson Pope Sr., a physician, and Ruth Adelia Taylor, a native of Nebraska. He is a descendant of Andrew Jackson Berry, who fought at the Battle of San Jacinto in the Texas Revolution. After[...]

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Industrialist, Businessman


AmericanJim BOWIE born James Rezin BOWIE

1796 - 1836
American pioneer, slave trader and soldier who played a prominent role in the Texas Revolution

Bowie was the ninth of ten children born to Reason (or Rezin) and Elve Ap-Catesby Jones (or Johns) Bowie. His father had been wounded while fighting in the American Revolutionary War, and in 1782 married the young woman who had nursed him back[...]

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Actor - Director


AmericanWinona RYDER born Winona Laura HOROWITZ

American actress and film producer

Winona Laura Horowitz was born in Winona, Minnesota, on October 29, 1971, the daughter of Cynthia Palmer (née Istas) and Michael D. Horowitz. Her mother is an author, video producer and editor, and her father is an author, editor, publisher and[...]

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American politician

Stephen F.-AUSTIN

AmericanStephen F. AUSTIN born Stephen Fuller AUSTIN

1793 - 1836
American empresario and the founder of Texas, known as the "Father of Texas"

Stephen F. Austin was born in the mining region of southwestern Virginia (Wythe County) in what is known as Austinville today, some 256 miles (412 km) southwest of Richmond, Virginia. He was the second child of Mary Brown Austin and Moses[...]

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Ursula K.-LE GUIN

AmericanUrsula K. LE GUIN born Ursula KROEBER

1929 - 2018
American author best known for her works of speculative fiction

Ursula K. Le Guin was born Ursula Kroeber in Berkeley, California, on October 21, 1929. Her father, Alfred Louis Kroeber, was an anthropologist at the University of California, Berkeley. Le Guin's mother, Theodora Kroeber (born Theodora Covel[...]

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