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Born: on March 29, 1874


Wife of President of the United States Herbert Hoover and First Lady

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Sunday March 29, 2020 - Name Day: Berthold, Fletcher, Pearl

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AmericanHeidi FLEISS born Heidi Lynne FLEISS

American former madam

Fleiss was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Her parents, Paul M. Fleiss (1933–2014), a Jewish American pediatrician, and Elissa (née Ash), divorced. She has a brother, Jesse, and had another brother, Jason, who drowned on December[...]

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AmericanJ. P. SEARS born Jonathan Patrick SEARS

American life coach and internet comedian

He is known for his satirical parodying of veganism, gluten-free fads, new age beliefs, social justice warriors and other "modern hippy" topics with his video series Ultra Spiritual.

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Industrialist, Businessman

Henry H.-BLISS

AmericanHenry H. BLISS born Henry Hale BLISS

1830 - 1899
First recorded person to be killed in a motor vehicle collision in America

On September 13, 1899, Henry Hale Bliss, a 69 year old local real estate dealer accompanied by a passenger named "Lee" was knocked from a streetcar at West 74th Street and Central Park West in New York City, as he was alighting from a south[...]

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AmericanRachel DOLEZAL born Rachel Anne DOLEZAL

American author, multimedia artist, former college instructor, and former NAACP chapter president

Dolezal was born in Lincoln County, Montana, on November 12, 1977, to Caucasian parents Ruthanne (née Schertel) and Lawrence "Larry" Dolezal, who are white and primarily of German, Czech and Swedish origin; she was born as a blue-eyed blonde.[...]

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American Civil War, Mexican-American War, War of 1812

Charles Manigault-MORRIS

AmericanCharles Manigault MORRIS 

1820 - 1895
Officer in the United States Navy and later in the Confederate States Navy

Morris was born in South Carolina and entered the United States Navy as a midshipman in December 1837. He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in 1851, but resigned his commission in January 1861 following South Carolina's secession. In March,[...]

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Bandit, burglar, crook, privateer - Murderer, rapist


AustralianNed KELLY born Edward KELLY

1854 - 1880
Australian bushranger, outlaw, gang leader and convicted police murderer

Kelly's father, John Kelly (known as "Red"), was born in 1820 in Moyglass, near Cashel, County Tipperary, Ireland, to Thomas and Mary (née Cody). At the age of 21, he was found guilty of stealing two pigs and was transported on the Prince[...]

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