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Born: on June 18, 1942


English singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and composer

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Tuesday June 18, 2019 - Name Day: Effie, Marina

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American politician


AmericanJim FOLSOM born James Elisha FOLSOM

1908 - 1987
American politician, 42nd Governor of Alabama

Born in Coffee County in southeastern Alabama, Folsom was among the first southern governors to advocate a moderate position on integration and improvement of civil rights for African Americans. In his Christmas message on December 25, 1949, he[...]

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AmericanTed TRUMAN born Edwin Malcolm TRUMAN

American economist

Truman was awarded a BA from Amherst College in 1963, and a Ph.D in economics from Yale University in 1976. In 1988 Amherst College awarded him an Honorary LL.D.

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World Wars & Contemporary Wars

Mannert L.-ABELE

AmericanMannert L. ABELE born Mannert Lincoln ABELE

1903 - 1942
American World War II submarine commander who posthumously received the Navy Cross for his heroism in the Pacific Theater

Abele was born July 11, 1903 in Quincy, Mass., enlisted in the United States Navy August 12, 1920; was appointed midshipman in June 1922; and was commissioned ensign June 3, 1926 following graduation from the United States Naval Academy. He[...]

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American Civil War, Mexican-American War, War of 1812


AmericanOmar BUNDY 

1861 - 1940
U.S. Army general who participated in the Indian Wars and the Spanish–American War in Cuba

He served on the American frontier, participating in the Indian Wars campaigns against Crow and Sioux Indians. During the Spanish–American War he fought with the 5th Army Corps in Cuba, and received the Silver Star for gallantry at the Battle[...]

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Obadiah Bruen-BROWN

AmericanObadiah Bruen BROWN 

1779 - 1852
Baptist clergyman who served as Chaplain of the House and as Chaplain of the Senate

Obadiah Bruen Brown was born in Newark, New Jersey, on July 20, 1779, the son of Mary Bruen Brown and Brown. Raised a Presbyterian, Brown started attending the Baptist Church when it was organized in Newark. At age 24, he joined this church and[...]

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American politician


AmericanGeorge WALLACE born George Corley WALLACE

1919 - 1998
American politician, 45th Governor of Alabama

Wallace, the first of four children, was born in Clio in Barbour County in southeastern Alabama, to George Corley Wallace Sr. and his wife, Mozelle (Smith). He was the third of five generations to bear the name "George Wallace". Since his[...]

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