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Born: on October 28, 1793


Founder of Remington Arms Co., Inc.

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Friday October 28, 2016 - Name Day: Eunice, Jonah, Jude, Liberty, Simeon, Thad

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American politician


AmericanTerry MCAULIFFE born Terence Richard MCAULIFFE

American businessman and the 72nd Governor of Virginia

McAuliffe was born and raised in Syracuse, New York, the son of Mildred Katherine (Lonergan) and Jack McAuliffe. His father was a real estate agent and local Democratic politician. The family is of Irish Catholic descent.


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Actor - Model


AmericanBo DEREK born Mary Cathleen COLLINS

American film and television actress, movie producer and model

Derek was born Mary Cathleen Collins in Long Beach, California. Her father, Paul Collins, was a Hobie Cat executive, and her mother, Norma, a make-up artist and hairdresser to Ann-Margret. Derek's parents divorced, and her mother married[...]

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American politician


AmericanRolla WELLS 

1856 - 1944
American politician, 30th Mayor of St. Louis, Missouri

Born in St. Louis, Missouri on June 1, 1856 in St. Louis Missouri to Erastus Wells and Isabella Bowman Henry Wells. His father Erastus was a representative from Missouri. He studied at Washington and Princeton Universities, and later in life[...]

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AmericanLinda HAMILTON born Linda Carroll HAMILTON

American Actress

Hamilton was born in Salisbury, Maryland. Hamilton's father, Carroll Stanford Hamilton, a physician, died when she was five, and her mother later married a police chief. Hamilton has an identical twin sister (Leslie Hamilton Gearren), one older[...]

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IrishNicolas ROCHE 

Irish professional road bicycle racer

Roche, who was born in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, France, is the son of former cycling champion Stephen Roche and his former wife, Lydia, nephew of former cycling professionals Lawrence Roche and Neil Martin and cousin of 2008 Irish road champion[...]

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Television & Radio Host - American


AmericanBrooke BALDWIN born Lauren Brooke BALDWIN

American TV news anchor

Lauren Brooke Baldwin was born in Atlanta, Georgia, where she attended The Westminster Schools, a private college preparatory school. She graduated with a double bachelor's degree in journalism and Spanish from the University of North Carolina[...]

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