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Patricia  ARQUETTE

American Patricia ARQUETTE

American actress and director

Source :  Tim DOWLING

Born: on April 08, 1968 in Chicago, Illinois, USA

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1ARQUETTE1905Ohio Ohio, United States
1BROWNLEE1669-1831Torfoot At Strathaven Lanarkshire Scotland Scotland, United Kingdom
1CHURCH1656-1743Hatfield Hampshire Co. Ma United States
2CLARK1853-1966Smith Co. Ks United States
2DICKINSON1667-1781Hatfield Hampshire Co. Ma United States
2FISHER1767-1849Pennsylvania Pennsylvania, United States
2HAMILTON1670-1757Scotland Scotland, United Kingdom
2KEAR1765-1926Tarrytown Westchester Co. Ny United States
2LEMAY1935 All Countries
2LEHMAN1749-1844Franklin Washington Co. Pa Washington, United States
2NOWACK1939-1997New York United States
2o'DELL1777-1869New York United States
2PARSONS1647-1763Springfield Hampden Co. Ma United States
2PETTY1771-1843Hampshire Wv United States
2PORTERFIELD1798-1853Maine Maine, United States
2RUSSELL1629-1772Ipswich Essex Co. Ma United States
2STRONG1654-1738Windsor Hartford Co. Ct United States