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Jean-Marie DAYOT

French Jean-Marie DAYOT

born Jean Baptiste Marie DAYOT

French Navy officer and an adventurer

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Born: on July 25, 1760 in Redon, France
Died: in 1809 in Vietnam


Originally from a Britany family settled in Ile Bourbon, Jean-Marie Dayot was born in Port Louis, Ile Maurice. He became a Lieutenant de vaisseau auxiliaire in the French Royal Navy. He met with Pigneau de Béhaine either in the Ile Bourbon or Pondicherry, and is thought to have commanded one of the two commercial ships which accompanied the warship Méduse with Pigneau de Behaine to Vietnam.

Entering the service of Nguy?n Ánh, by 1790 he was in command of a naval division composed of two European warships belonging to Nguy?n Ánh. In 1792, he fought in the naval battle against the Tây Son in front of Qui Nhon, sinking 5 warships, 90 galleys and about 100 smaller boats. In 1793, against at Qui Nhon, he captured 60 Tây Son galleys.

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