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Clémentine DELAIT

French Clémentine DELAIT

born Clémentine CLATTAUX

French bearded lady

Source :  Jacques DUHOUX

Born: on March 05, 1865 in Chaumousey, France
Died: on April 19, 1939 in Epinal, France


Clémentine Delait and her husband kept a café in Thaon-les-Vosges, in Lorraine, France. According to later accounts, Clémentine Delait visited a carnival, saw a bearded woman with some stubble and boasted that she could grow a better beard herself. Her husband bet 500 francs to back her.

The bet attracted many more customers to the Delaits' café and they changed the name to Le Café de La Femme a Barbe, "The café of the Bearded Woman". Delait also sold photographs of herself.

Source :  http://www.wikipedia.org/

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