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French Gaston CALMETTE

born Paul Eugène Jules Gaston CALMETTE

French journalist

Source :  Bruno MARGELIDON

Born: on January 30, 1858 in Montpellier, France
Died: on March 16, 1914 in Paris, France


In January 1914 Calmette, who had been editor of the newspaper Le Figaro since 1902, launched a campaign against Minister of Finance Joseph Caillaux, who had introduced progressive taxation and was known for his pacifist stance towards Germany during the Second Moroccan Crisis, in 1911. During this campaign, which was orchestrated by Louis Barthou and Raymond Poincaré, Le Figaro published several letters from the Minister's private correspondence.

Caillaux's second wife Henriette, fearing that the newspaper would also make public a love letter that showed how he was already having a relationship with her during his first marriage, entered Calmette's office on 16 March 1914 and shot him four times. Calmette died instantly. Caillaux had to resign his post the next day, but during a spectacular trial later that year his wife was acquitted.

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