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American actress

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Saturday February 13, 2016 - Name Day: Darcy, Kia

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Actor - Singer & Musician


AmericanLucy HALE born Karen Lucille HALE

American actress and singer

Hale was born in Memphis, Tennessee, the daughter of Julie Knight and Preston Hale. She was named after one of her great-grandmothers. Her mother is a registered nurse. She has an older sister, Maggie, and a step-sister, Kirby. Hale was[...]

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Actor - Model


AmericanAshley BENSON born Ashley Victoria BENSON

American actress, dancer and model

Ashley Victoria Benson was born and raised in Anaheim Hills, Anaheim, California, the daughter of Shannon (née Harte) and Jeff Benson. She has an older sister, Shaylene. She started dancing competitively in ballet, jazz, hip hop, and[...]

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Actor - Singer & Musician


AmericanChloe BENNET born Chloe WANG

American actress and former singer

Chloe Wang was born on April 18, 1992, in Chicago, Illinois. She is the daughter of Stephanie, an internist, and Bennet Wang, an investment banker. Her father is Chinese-American. She has six brothers: three biological, two foster and one[...]

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Actor - Singer & Musician - Model


AmericanZENDAYA born Zendaya Maree COLEMAN

American actress, singer, dancer, and model

Zendaya was born on September 1, 1996, in Oakland, California, to father Kazembe and to mother Claire Stoermer. Her father is black and her mother is white. Zendaya grew as a part of the nearby California Shakespeare Theater in Orinda, where her[...]

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American politician

Chester Allen-ARTHUR

AmericanChester Allen ARTHUR 

1829 - 1886
21st President of the United States

Chester Alan Arthur was born October 5, 1829, in Fairfield, Vermont.[a] Arthur's mother, Malvina Stone, was born in Vermont, the daughter of George Washington Stone and Judith Stevens. Malvina's family was primarily of English descent, and her[...]

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Singer & Musician


AmericanMeghan TRAINOR born Meghan Elizabeth TRAINOR

American singer-songwriter and record producer

Meghan Elizabeth Trainor was born on December 22, 1993 in Nantucket, Massachusetts, the daughter of Kelly Anne "Kelli" (Jekanowski) and Gary Trainor, jewellery store owners. Trainor has two brothers: Ryan (born 1992) and younger brother Justin.[...]

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