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Thursday September 29, 2016 - Name Day: Mia

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Lawyer, Magistrate


EnglishMelville MACNAGHTEN born Melville Leslie MACNAGHTEN

1853 - 1921
Assistant Commissioner (Crime) of the London Metropolitan Police from 1903 to 1913

The youngest of fifteen children of Elliot Macnaghten, the last Chairman of the British East India Company, Macnaghten was educated at Eton. In his memoirs he describes his schooldays as the happiest of his life, even going so far as to write[...]

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Actor - Director - Composer


AmericanMel BROOKS born Melvin James KAMINSKY

American actor, comedian, filmmaker, composer, and songwriter

Brooks was born Melvin James Kaminsky on June 28, 1926, in Brooklyn, New York, to James and Kate (née Brookman) Kaminsky. His father's family were Jews from Danzig, Germany (present-day Gdansk, Poland); his mother's family were Jews from[...]

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Singer & Musician


AmericanHayley WILLIAMS born Hayley Nichole WILLIAMS

American singer, songwriter and musician, lead vocalist of the American rock band Paramore

Hayley Williams was born to Joey and Cristi Williams, in Meridian, Mississippi. She has two younger half sisters. As a result of her parents divorcing in 2002, Williams moved to Franklin, Tennessee. She met former band members Josh and Zac Farro[...]

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Singer & Musician


AmericanNatalie MAINES born Natalie Louise MAINES

American singer-songwriter and activist, lead vocalist for the female alternative country band the Dixie Chicks

Maines was born in Lubbock, Texas, to country musician and producer Lloyd Maines and his wife Tina May Maines. She attended Williams Elementary School in Lubbock where her second grade teacher recalls being told by Maines during a math lesson,[...]

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EnglishKit HARINGTON born Christopher Catesby HARINGTON

English actor

Harington was born in Acton, London, to Deborah Jane (Catesby), a former playwright, and Sir David Richard Harington, 15th Baronet, a businessman. His mother named him after Christopher Marlowe, whose first name was shortened to Kit, a name[...]

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Journalist - Television & Radio Host - American


AmericanLester HOLT born Lester Don HOLT

American journalist

Holt was born in Marin County, California, the son of June (DeRozario) and Lester Don Holt, Sr. His maternal grandparents were Jamaican. His maternal grandfather was of half English and half Indian descent.

He graduated from Cordova[...]

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