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Born: on July 29, 1924


American television actor

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Tuesday July 29, 2014 - Name Day: Bea, Marta, Olaf, Serafina, Trixie

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AmericanTyrone POWER born Tyrone Edmund POWER

1914 - 1958
American film and stage actor

Power was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, the only son of Helen Emma "Patia" (née Reaume) and the English-born American stage and screen actor Tyrone Power, Sr., often known by his first name 'Fred'. Power was descended from a long theatrical[...]

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American Civil War, Mexican-American War, War of 1812 - American politician


EnglishThomas GAGE 

1719 - 1787
British general, Governor of the Province of Massachusetts Bay

Thomas Gage was born in England, possibly at Firle Place, Firle, East Sussex, where the Gage family had been seated since the 15th century. His father, Thomas Gage, 1st Viscount Gage, was a noted nobleman given titles in Ireland. Thomas Gage[...]

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Author - Journalist - Publisher


AmericanA. J. JACOBS born Arnold Stephen JACOBS

American journalist, author, and lecturer, editor Esquire

Jacobs was born in New York City to secular Jewish parents Arnold Jacobs Sr., a lawyer, and Ellen Kheel. He has one sister, Beryl Jacobs. He was educated at The Dalton School and Brown University.

Jacobs has said that he sees his[...]

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AmericanBing RUSSELL born Neil Oliver RUSSELL

1926 - 2003
American actor and baseball club owner

Russell was born Neil Oliver Russell in Brattleboro, Vermont, the son of Ruth Stewart (née Vogel) and Warren Oliver Russell. He always wanted to become an actor and studied drama at Brattleboro Middletown High School. As a boy, he was[...]

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EnglishEthel LAVENU born Eliza Ethel LAVENU

1842 - 1917
British stage actress

Born in Chelsea as Eliza Lavenu, the third of six daughters of the cellist, composer, and music impresario Lewis Henry Lavenu by his wife Julia, daughter of Col. John Blossett, head of the British expedition to assist Simon Bolivar in the war of[...]

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American politician

Sanford B.-DOLE

AmericanSanford B. DOLE born Sanford Ballard DOLE

1844 - 1926
Lawyer and jurist in the Hawaiian Islands

Dole was born in Honolulu to Protestant Christian missionaries from Maine in the United States. His father was Daniel Dole (1808–1878) principal at Punahou School and mother was Emily Hoyt Ballard (1808–1844). His mother died from[...]

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