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Tuesday April 21, 2015 - Name Day: Ansel, Selma

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American politician


AmericanAllen DULLES born Allen Welsh DULLES

1893 - 1969
American diplomat and lawyer, 5th Director of Central Intelligence

He was born on April 7, 1893, in Watertown, New York, one of five children of Presbyterian minister Allen Macy Dulles, and his wife, Edith Dulles (née Foster). He was five years younger than his brother John Foster Dulles, Dwight D.[...]

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American politician

Thomas F.-BAYARD

AmericanThomas F. BAYARD born Thomas Francis BAYARD

1828 - 1898
American lawyer, politician and diplomat, 30th United States Secretary of State

Thomas F. Bayard was born in Wilmington, Delaware in 1828, the second son of James A. Bayard, Jr. and Anne née Francis. The Bayard family was prominent in Delaware: Bayard's father would be elected to the United States Senate in 1851.[...]

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Robert Andrews-MILLIKAN

AmericanRobert Andrews MILLIKAN 

1868 - 1953
American experimental physicist honored with the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1923

Robert Andrews Millikan was born on March 22, 1868, in Morrison, Illinois. Millikan went to high school in Maquoketa, Iowa. Millikan received a bachelor's degree in the classics from Oberlin College in 1891 and his doctorate in physics from[...]

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Television & Radio Host - American


AmericanJames CARVILLE born Chester James CARVILLE

American political commentator and media personality

Carville, the oldest of eight children, was born in Carville, Louisiana on October 25, 1944, the son of Lucille (née Normand), a former school teacher who sold World Book Encyclopedias door-to-door, and Chester James Carville, a[...]

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Lawyer, Magistrate - American politician


AmericanAbel P. UPSHUR born Abel Parker UPSHUR

1790 - 1844
American lawyer, judge and politician from Virginia

Upshur was born in Northampton County, Virginia in 1790, one of twelve children. His father Littleton Upshur—described as a "staunch individualist and rabid Federalist"—owned the plantation Vaucluse, and was a member of the Virginia[...]

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EnglishThomas SYDENHAM 

1624 - 1689
English physician

Thomas Sydenham was born at Wynford Eagle in Dorset, where his father was a gentleman of property. His brother was Colonel William Sydenham.

At the age of eighteen Sydenham was entered at Magdalen Hall, Oxford; after a short period[...]

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