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Born: on July 06, 1800


American bishop of the Episcopal Church in the United States who served as the third Bishop of Pennsylvania

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Monday July 06, 2015 - Name Day: Isaiah, Isiah, Jamal, Shea

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AmericanKit CARSON born Christopher Houston CARSON

1809 - 1868
American frontiersman

Carson was born in Madison County, Kentucky on Christmas Eve (December 24) 1809. His parents were Lindsay (or Lindsey) Carson and his second wife, Rebecca Robinson. Lindsay had had five children by his first wife Lucy Bradley, and ten more[...]

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AmericanPhilo FARNSWORTH born Philo Taylor FARNSWORTH

1906 - 1971
American inventor and television pioneer

Philo T. Farnsworth was born August 19, 1906, the eldest of five children of Lewis Edwin Farnsworth and Serena Amanda Bastian, a Mormon couple then living in a small log cabin built by Lewis's father in a place called Indian Creek near Beaver,[...]

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AmericanJess BARKER born Jesse Thomas BARKER

1912 - 2000
American film actor

He began his film career credited as Philip Barker until changing his stage name to Jess Barker in the early 1940s. He is probably most famous for being the first husband of actress Susan Hayward. The two wed July 23, 1944. They had twin sons[...]

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EnglishJohn GOODRICKE 

1764 - 1786
English amateur astronomer

John Goodricke, named after his grandfather Sir John Goodricke (see Goodricke baronets of Ribston Hall), was born in Groningen in the Netherlands, but lived most of his life in England. He became deaf in early childhood due to a severe illness.[...]

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AmericanLuke WALTON born Luke Theodore WALTON

Former professional basketball player who currently works as an assistant coach for the Golden State Warriors

The son of former UCLA and NBA standout Bill Walton, Luke Walton was named after his father's close friend and former Portland Trail Blazers teammate Maurice Lucas. He has three brothers — Adam, Nathan and Chris. Nathan ran unsuccessfully for[...]

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American politician

William Woods-HOLDEN

AmericanWilliam Woods HOLDEN 

1818 - 1892
38th and 40th Governor of North Carolina

Holden was born and raised near what is now Eno River State Park in present-day Orange County. At age of 10, he began a six-year apprenticeship with Dennis Heartt at the Hillsborough Recorder newspaper (in Hillsborough, North Carolina). By age[...]

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